Beyondoc 7.0

Beyondoc 7.0

Beyondoc is a collaborative, enterprise level document management system.

We help organizations and their teams to make sure that documents that are important to them are centrally stored and securely accessible to all users and outsiders who should have access to them. Our goals is to ensure that Beyondoc contains features & tools wich are simple, easy to use, but powerful and flexible enough to cover document management needs of our customers.

Design ideas

We have been in the document management business for over 10 years. Over the time we have build our own understanding of what the document management system should be & how it should work.

Beyondoc 7.0 is our newest release and implementation of these principles & ideas.

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We understand that our customers & users are busy with meeting their business objectives. That's why we are offering solution that gets the job done and moves out of the way.

Beyondoc is a business tool for effective & efficient management of documents. We strongly believe in "no fuss" practical approach, with strong focus on making core features simple, fast, easy to use, clear to understand and pleasure to use.

Beyondoc is here for you to automate and minimize your time with document handling, so you can focus on what really matters!

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We all know that security matters. You care about your own privacy. Organizations care about secure and authorized access to their assets.

Beyondoc takes security very seriously and provides security features & tools that span across the application and its features.

From granular user, group or role based document level security, to secure sharing with users or outsiders, to tempary access, to audit trail, to secure logging-in & logging-out, to encrypted browser/server communication, to backups and much more.

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Speed is essential in current competitive business environment. Achieving speed requires people to work together & collaborate.

Beyondoc provides tools for easy and fast collaboration among team members, while protecting their work from accidental modification or deletion. We also make sharing accessible, very easy and very secure - regardless if you share with your team members or outside contractors.

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The amount of documents and data that organizations generate grows on a daily basis. There is a strong need and business case to store, keep & manage these documents. However, once the data gets large, the location and retrieval of proper document becomes time-consuming and problematic.

Beyondoc provides powerful search engine with search results rendered in sub-seconds. Searches can be executed based on textual content of the documents, document meta-data or custom-defined index card meta-data. Beyondoc automatically handles content indexing during upload process.

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